The seismo-gravimetric observatory consists of a 145m long tunnel and underground laboratory with several working areas. At the end of the tunnel four measurement piers are installed, of which the last one (SGO P4) is occupied by the main seismometer of the Conrad Observatory. P4 is separated from other experimental facilities by an air lock to prevent artificial noise from pressure and temperature variations. The three other piers are available for development and research projects.

The SGO hosts the main seismological station CONA and the SG GWR C025 gravimeter. Additionally, several piers and boreholes provide facilities to develop, test and run additional instrumentation.


SGO pears













* overall 144.7m tunnel with 4 measuremnt piers
P1 - 10m (length),

P2 - 10m (length),

P3 - 6m (length), and
P4 - 6m (length)
... tunnel is held at constant temperature of 6.9°C (all year round)

... piers are separated from the underground laboratory by an air lock, in addition a second air lock separates P4 (CONA)

* measuring room (calibration lab):
... hosts measuring pier (length of 8m) and control units for geodetic and meteorological observations
... experimental and observational emphasis on gravimetry
... temperature is held constant at 20°C (all year around)

* lab (workshop) with 4 vertical boreholes
borehole 1 - 100m (depth),
borehole 2 - 100m
borehole 3 - 50m
(depth), and
borehole 4 - 100m

* junction room between lab and tunnel
* installations room
* data acquisition room
* common room
... accommodates workstations, seminar area and kitchenette

* further utilities: shower, bathroom and storeroom


Technical Support

* uninterrupted power supply (USV)
* GPS indoor distribution
* water and gas supply












* seismometer:
... seismic station (tunnel) CONA: broad band sensor (STS-2), accelerometers (EpiSensor), seismic system (Q330 / Q330HR)
... seismic station (free field) CSNA: broad band sensor (STS-2), accelerometers (EpiSensor), seismic system (Q330)
... seismic station (borehole, 100m) COBA: broadband borehole seismometer (CMG-3TB, prototype operated by Guralp Systems)
Austrian Seismological Network

* gravimeter: SG GWR C025
research partner: University of Vienna (IMGW Gravimetry)

* tiltmeter
research partner:

* gamma spectrometer

... calibration table for seismometers