At the Observatory several laboratories, piers and boreholes are available to facilitate research and development projects. Among those facilities are a PC laboratory, three boreholes of 100m depth, one borehole of 50m depth, a special calibration device for seismometers (Fig. 1), i.e. three "constant temperature" piers in the tunnel.


All facilities can be used without affecting the regular observation. Therefore, the Conrad Observatory provides the unique opportunity for development and research accompanied by highly accurate geophysical registration. The infrastructure and technial equipment at the Conrad Observatory provide excellent conditions for national and international workshops,  instrument calibration and research projects, as well as  development and testing of next generation instruments.

Calibration table



GPS indoor distribution
  • Overview SGO:

    • * 3 constant temperature sockets in the tunnel
    • * GPS indoor redistribution
    • * calibration facilities (e.g. 3-component calibration table)
    • * 4 boreholes (3x 100m, 1x 50m)
    • * uninterrupted power supply (USV), IT, etc.


Overview GMO:


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