The geomagnetic observatory (GMO) consists of a 1km long tunnel system. The main axis is north-south oriented and the laboratory building is located at the south end. Tunnel excavation finished end of 2010. The GMO was offically opend on the 21st of May 2014.












* overall 1km tunnel system
... consists of experiment tunnel, calibration tunnel, variometer tunnel, gradiometer tunnel, and absolute tunnel
... separated from the laboratory building by an air lock

two boreholes
TB1a (100m),
TB2a (200m)

* Lab 1 - laboratory with workstations
* Lab 2 - measuring room / palaeomagnetic lab
* installations room

* seminar room
* kitchen
* room for batteries
* attic
* further utilities: storeroom with shower, bathroom und change room


Technical Support

* uninterruppted power supply (USV)
* water and gas supply













Magnetic Laboratory Measurement Systems:

- Palaeomagnetic lab:
* AGICO JR6 Spinner Magnetometer
* Bartington Kappabridge MS2B Dual Frequency Sensor
* MMTD-DSC Super Cooled Thermal Demagnetizer









Variation Measurement Systems:

* 3-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer Model FGM-FGE:
variometer, fluxgate magnetometer,
3 linear core fluxgate sensors, sampling rate: 1Hz (filtered)

* LEMI-025 & LEMI-036
variometer, fluxgate magnetometer,
3-component measurement, sampling rate: 10Hz
(incl. two temperature sensors)






Absolute Measurement Systems:

automated DIflux, absolute observations

* MinGeo Cableless FLUXSET Declinometer (DIM) /
non-magnetic Zeiss THEO 010/020 theodolite
declination/inclination magnetometer,
fluxgate sensor, radio link, absolute observations

* Barington Mag-01H Single Axis Fluxgate /
non-magnetisc WILD theodolite
declination/inclination magnetometer,
fluxgate sensor, absolute observations



Scalar Measurement Systems:

* GSM-90 Overhauser Magnetometer
scalar magnetometer, Overhauser magnetometer, sampling rate: 3Hz

scalar magnetometer, Overhauser magnetometer, sampling rate: 0.2Hz

* RMS G-823A
scalar magnetometer, Caesium magnetometer, sampling rate: 10Hz



* GSMP-20S3 Potassium SuperGradiometer
magnetic gradiometer, potassium sensors, sampling rate: 20Hz