Actually at Conrad Obs.:


Declination:4.71 deg
Fieldstrength:48804.89 nT
Inclination:64.43 deg


N:0 mm/h
P:902.12 hPA
S:-0.16 cm
T:11.2 degC
rh:78.52 %
Wind:3.48 km/h


location:Southern Peru
latitdue:-14.86 deg
longitude:-70.31 deg
depth:217.83 km
Requested at: 2022-05-27 04:04 UTC - please note that the values are updated between 5 min and 1 hour

The basic task for each Earth observatory is the observation of physical relevant parameters, which are crucial to our understanding of processes on Earth. At the Conrad Observatory earthquake activity (seismology), changes in gravity and mass distribution, geomagnetic field variations, geodetic parameters, atmospheric waves and meteorological data are continuously monitored. Observatories are characterized by long term recording in widely stable measurement conditions. In addition to observation, the Conrad Observatory provides several piers, socket and drilling holes for instrument development, calibration and research projects. National and international groups are welcome to use observational data as well as instrument facilities for research and development.