We welcome all visitors on the Conrad Observatory homepage. Here we provide a great variety of near real-time data as well as information on this data and related research fields. Furthermore, you will find publications, links to software products developed at the observatory, and some pictures of the infrastructure and equipment. Finally you will find some details on infrastructure and, measurements piers and testing facilities, which are available for system development, calibration and sensor tests.



We have a new space weather news channel available on Telegram ©. If you are interested use the link below.

CobsSpaceweather (http://t.me/CobsSpaceweather)

This news channel provides real-time information on (1) solar storms (based on satellite data analyzed at the observatory), on (2) magnetic storms, measured directly by our sensors, on (3) possible induced currents, which could affect power transmission lines and on (4) meteorites/asteroids, which approach earth within the next two years closer than the earth.moon distance, so called Near-Earth-Objects (NEO's). Information on NEO's is obtained from  JPL of NASA. Links and references are found in the news channel. The app "Telegram", which can be freely obtained in the appstore,  is necessary to access the new channel. Currently, in the solar minimum, only few news are to be expected.